Mississippi Car Seat Laws

Like all the U.S. states, there are car seat laws for the state of Mississippi.  It is important to know your actual state’s car seat laws just so that you can enhance the safety of your child, avoid traffic violations, and avoid fines.

If you do not currently know your state’s car seat laws, here is a list of them below.

Mississippi Car Seat Laws:

  • If your child is 3 years or younger, they must be restrained in a car seat
  • Now, if they are younger than 4-6 years old, or are less than 57″ and weigh less than 65 lbs, they must remain in a booster car seat.
  • A safety belt must also be worn if they are 6 years and younger, weigh 65 pounds or less or are less than 57 inches.
  • If you fail to follow these car seat laws, you will get your first offense of a $25 fine.

As you can see, Mississippi’s car seat laws are pretty simple and easy to follow. 


  • For additional safety, you should always keep your baby in the rear-facing position until they’ve reached both 20 lbs AND a year old.  This will allow their neck time to strengthen and develop.
  • You should never buy car seats that were previously owned by someone else.  You don’t know if the seat’s been recalled, if it’s been in an accident or if it’s expired.  This is just a dangerous situation that should be avoided at all times.
  • It is also a good idea that you are familiar with your car seat’s height and weight requirements.  If your child exceeds these limits, they need to be upgraded to the next seat.

This is a brief summary for Mississippi’s car seat laws.  Keep in mind that car seat laws can change over time, therefore it is important to keep up with this important information to make sure you’re always following the law.

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