Sample Baby Schedule – 6 Months Old

Your six month old is growing more and more each day.  From being able to lift their head, to sitting up by themselves, our babies have already come across several developments!  If your little one still isn’t on an organized schedule, you may want to start doing that now.  For an example, consider the one below!

Sample Baby Schedule – 6 Months Old:

7:30 AM Your baby should be up and ready to start their day.  Start by changing their diaper, then follow up with a feeding and some play time.  At this point, their feeding can consist of baby food, as well as formula or breast milk.  So, give them a feeding of baby food, as well as a small bottle to tide them over.

10:30 AM It isn’t uncommon for a baby to feel a little tired at this time.  Change their diaper, give them another feeding and put them down for a nap.  A typical feeding is about 6 ounces worth, and a breastfeeding until they’re statisfied.

1:30 PM They should be up and ready to eat lunch.  Give them a serving of pureed fruits or vegetables, then a feeding of about 4-6 ounces.  Take this time to play with them, get stuff done, and introduce new things to then.  Between baby toys and Baby Einstein videos, they can easily be entertained.

4:30 PM Your baby is probably ready for their last nap of the day.  Change their diaper, give them another feeding and put them down for a nap.

7  PM They are probably up by now and ready to eat and play.  Start by giving a quick diaper change, and follow up with a feeding, as well as some tummy time to encourage crawling.  It’s a great idea to put their favorite toys in front of them or even cell phones and TV remotes to get their curiosity going.  This will then help them want to move!

8:30 PM At this time they should be getting ready for bed.  Put on their pajamas, do another diaper change, give them a bottle, and read them a bed time story before you put them down.

As you can see, it only gets easier with time.  Babies at this age become less dependent, as well much easier to take care of.  They should be sleeping through the night with no problems by now!  Although as always, every baby is different.  You don’t need to follow this schedule exactly, it was just made to give you an idea of what most babies are doing at this point.  If the times are off by a few minutes or even hours, that is just fine.  It’s just important to get your baby on a schedule now so that they have time to play, eat, sleep and go about their day in an organized way!

At this time they should be getting ready for their 6 month check up!  Make sure you ask the pediatrician any questions you may have, as well as write down their new milestones and growth patterns in their baby book!

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