What Kind of Car Seat Does my Child Need?

Once we start looking at car seats for our child we realize just how many there are.  There are several different brands to choose from, many different styles, features and types to consider.  If you’re struggling to find the perfect car seat for your child you’re not alone!  Below will explain what you first need to look for before you consider and choose the first one you see.

Infant Car Seats:  There are several different infant car seats on the market.  They range from brand, price and some of the features they have.  Although, what doesn’t change is who needs them.  Infant car seats are usually for newborns up to about 1 year in age and 20 lbs.

Convertible Car Seats:  Convertible car seats can be used for children until the day they’re born until around age 4.  Also, their weight to use one should be anywhere from 5-65 lbs.  These are great because you can skip out on an infant seat, but they may be a little heavier to carry around a newborn.

Booster Car Seats:  A booster seat is the very last seat you want to purchase.  They should be used for children weighing 50-100 lbs and used for ages 5 and up on average.

3-in-1 Car Seats:  If you’re looking to buy just one car seat and use it all the way through, it is possible!  They have three in one car seats which allow it to be an infant, convertible and a booster seat for your child.  These are larger, not too expensive and can really benefit you and your child.  The brand Safety 1st has a lot of these!

There are a few different kinds of car seats to familiarize yourself with.  To know what you need to buy, you need to understand what kind of car seats there are to choose from.  Find the car seat that suites your child’s age and weight and then take a look at the features they offer.

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